Erosi Professional Stone Machine taila arreta behar What gaiak ?

As a result of the need of social development, the application of stone carving machine is also more common, its function mainly in some lettering on the stone and glass, ceramics and ceramic tile or carve patterns or designs on woodwork, need very high quality machines and to be able to finish the difficult homework, so the choose and buy professional stone carving machine should pay attention to what issues?

1. Pay attention to the power of the engraving machine.
Because of stone carving machine operating the main object is stone, need to cut a variety of stone, hardness is relatively large, mostly stone carving machine of the actual need to configure the spindle motor should than advertising engraving machine and woodworking engraving machine motor power, only such ability can adapt to a very high strength cutting and carving work.

2. Pay attention to the bearing capacity of the machine base.
Most of the stone carving machine to operate some materials are very heavy, thus puts forward higher requirements on carving machine, must have a very good bearing capacity, in fact it is best to have some design of cast iron, such work carving machine shaking is very small, carving waste and a lower risk of some, so that you can improve the efficiency of sculpture.

3. Pay attention to machine cooling and dust control system.
On the stone and glass, ceramic tile, and so on in the process of some material to engraving, nature can produce ultra high temperature and large amounts of dust, in such an environment, for stone engraving machine is a kind of strict test, the first-class stone carving machine should have very good cooling function and the function of the dust.

4. Pay attention to the selection of knives.
In the process of to engraving, cutting tool is the main part, the cutting tool must have a high degree of hardness and wear resistance, this is the most basic point, the cutting tool should also has a special high strength and good toughness, cutting tool should also has high heat resistance at the same time, have this several conditions, was able to finish in the process of production is very smooth cutting and carving work.

In general, no matter choose which kinds of stone carving machine, need to be very meticulous observation and comparison, the scene try carving best, of course, carving machine, there are many on the market, the quality is different, so you need to very carefully selected, choose more appropriate and safe ingredients engraving machine before it can be more easy to operate.

Post time: 2019-08-26